Solar Dynamic Observatory data at the Solar Influences Data analysis Center

SDO data @ SIDC

## Introduction The SDO data center is dedicated to the acquisition of SDO/AIA and SDO/HMI data from the Joint Science Operations Center (JSOC) located in Stanford, and the subsequent provision of the data to SIDC scientists . It was completely reinstalled in 2013 to take into account the new hardware, and the needs of the SIDC scientists and services. ## Data Availibility - AIA quicklook data in all 10 wavelengths as [FITS files](/data/aia_quicklook), [PNG images](/data/aia_quicklook_image) and [MP4 videos](/data/aia_quicklook_video) - AIA synoptic data in 94Å and 211Å as [FITS files](/data/aia_synoptic) - AIA science data level 2 in 193Å as [FITS files](/data/aia_science_level2) - HMI magnetogram science data level 1.5 as [FITS files](/data/hmi_science_level1_5) - AIA firstlight data level 1 as [FITS files](/data/aia_firstlight) If you are a SIDC scientist, you can access the data directly on yama under /data/SDO/ ## Data Access For any other data, we recommend to use the tools provided by JSOC to download the data directly from them. ### Access SDO data via IDL and the VSO & SolarSoft library You can search and download AIA & HMI data from IDL through the VSO with the [SolarSoft library](, see the [tutorial on how to search and download data](./vso_idl.html) and [examples how to make videos for AIA or HMI](./sdo_video_idl.html). ### Access SDO data via Python & SunPy You can search and download AIA & HMI data via Python by using the [SunPy library](, see the [tutorial on how to search and download data](, and the [tutorial on how to request cutouts of AIA images from the JSOC]( ## Meetings and Presentations Some of the information below is now obsolete and is kept for archiving reasons. - [STCE workshop on 'Accessing and Exploitation of SDO data at STCE'](./STCE2011workshop.html), held on May 23, 2011 - [Soteria Capacity Building Workshop](, held on February 15, 2011 - [3rd SDO pipeline meeting](./Meeting20100917.html) held on September 17, 2010 at ROB - [COSPAR 2010 presentation of David Boyes]( - [Distributing and mining SDO data in Europe](./uploads/SDO_HO_COSPAR2010_SDODistibutingMining_SP_VAD20100725.pptx), talk at COSPAR 2010 by S. Parenti and V. Delouille. (.pptx) - [1st SDO pipeline meeting](./Meeting20090609.html) held on June 9, 2009 at ROB - [BNC09 presentation of David Boyes]( - [TeleScience meeting Notes](./TLSMeetingNotes.html) ## Useful links - [The LMSAL Guide to SDO Data Analysis]( - [The SDO operations calendar]( - [The description of the keywords used in the FITS files]( - [The offical SDO webpage at NASA]( - [The official AIA instrument webpage at LMSAL]( - [The official HMI instrument webpage at Stanford]( - [The official EVE instrument webpage at LASP]( - [The webpage of SIDC where the Belgian SDO data center resides]( - [The webpage of the German SDO data center]( - [The webpage of the English SDO data center]( - [The webpage of the French SDO data center]( - [The webpage of jHelioviewer](, a great software to visualize and study the Sun